Rocco Ventrella


Rocco had the privilege to share and continuing to share the stage with great artists!

  •  Photo with Brian Culbertson

    w/Brian Culbertson

  •  Photo with Candy Dulfer

    w/Candy Dulfer

  •  Photo with Nick Colionne

    w/Nick Colionne

  •  Photo with Jessy J

    w/Jessy J

  •  Photo with Rick Braun

    w/Rick Braun

  •  Photo with Dave Koz

    w/Dave Koz&Gianni Vancini

  •  Photo with Gerald Albright and Jessy j

    w/Gearald Albright&Jessy J

  •  Photo with Steve Gadd

    w/Steve Gadd

  •  Photo with Paul Brown

    w/Paul Brown

  •  Photo with Michael Lington and Darren Rahn

    w/Michael Lington&Darren Rahn

  •  Photo with Marc Antoine and Brian Simpson

    w/Marc Antoine&Brian Simpson

  •  Photo with Michael Paulo

    w/Micahel Paulo

  •  Photo with Keiko Matsui and Kim Waters

    w/Keiko Matsui&Kim Waters

  •  Photo with James Carter

    w/James Carter

  •  Photo with Eric Darius

    w/Eric Darius

  •  Photo with Nils and Jackiem Joyner

    w/Nils&Jackiem Joyner

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